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'Either you like it or not. The set of this show is a metaphor for digging in search of the truth and keeping your feet on the ground. We let everyone be everyone and make love not war.'

Demna unveils the notorious "Mud Show" - Summer 2023's collection that breathes life into a cheeky exposé of his fashion philosophy. With seat-side manifestos declaring the death of labels and the birth of individualism, he boldly proclaims that fashion is all about defying norms and embracing eccentricity. After all, isn't it better to make love, not war, in the ever-evolving battle of style?


Kanye West for Balenciaga SS23

The grand unveiling of Balenciaga's Spring-Summer 2023 collection kicks off with none other than Kanye West, Demna's pal and partner-in-crime, strutting down a muddy, water-filled valley in his "security" ensemble – complete with a flashy label, multi-pocket jacket, and baggy leather pants.


This apocalyptic catwalk, set to a techno beat, showcases an array of workwear-inspired looks for him and her, featuring vibrant yellow and pink chenille rompers, parkas, windbreakers, and distressed jeans. Dropped pocket trousers reveal logoed underwear, while long wool scarves slither like tentacles and oversized, pointed goggles demand attention. Bella Hadid brings a punk twist with a bear-bag, contrasting Gucci's "Gizmo" Gremlin-inspired creation. Other accessories include a rigid leather shoulder bag, a chain-handled shopper, and a crescent-shaped number – all adorned in the show's signature colors: black, pink, and white. The finale boasts long, wrap-around jersey dresses and dazzling eveningwear paired with matching platform boots. As a nod to sustainability, the show concludes with a strapless leather dress crafted from the iconic "neocagole" bags, echoing Balenciaga's recent launch of their resale program.


In true Balenciaga fashion, the show offers a comforting blend of the familiar and the covetable. Love it or loathe it, the creative force never fails to intertwine street influences with an untiringly chic minimalism.

Looks from Balenciaga's SS 2023 Collection



"I hate boxes and I hate labels and I hate being labeled and put in a box. Society, the Internet and the world in general love to do it, because it makes you feel safe. You have to have courage and tenacity to truly take on your own. identity and who you really are. Every day becomes a battlefield to defend this unique identity. And the more you try to be yourself, the more you get punched in the face. But how good it is to be different from each other. challenge is to get up and keep walking towards yourself after you have been beaten up and beaten down. Fashion loves boxes and labels more than anything else. Luxury, not luxury, street, couture, good, bad, buzz, viral, they are all the same, who cares. Putting luxury in an elegant, exclusive and visually expensive box is a limited and rather old-fashioned way of doing it. Individualism in fashion is downgraded to pseudo-trends dictated by a post in the stories of some celebrities of the momentum. I decided to no longer explain my collections and verbalize my design, but to express a mood. Fashion is a visual art and all we need is for it to be seen through someone's eyes. Fashion at best shouldn't need a story to sell to someone. Either you like it or not. The set of this show is a metaphor for digging in search of the truth and keeping your feet on the ground. We let everyone be everyone and make love not war, " Demna explains.

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